Village Fees

Moving into a retirement village shouldn’t be a job! It is a big decision to move, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated or difficult. Solitary Islands Village is committed to making your decision and move as painless as possible.
Starting with a simple contract, Solitary Islands Village will put all fees and costs in one simple document. In simplest terms, there is no stamp duty, no council rates or taxes. Every villa comes with a home warranty as well as termite & pest control.
Simple Contract
All costs and fees are written in plain English on one sheet of paper. There are no hidden fees in the contract. You should always have a professional review any contract, but ours is simple enough for you to understand before talking to a lawyer.
No Extra Costs
No Stamp duty
No Council rates or taxes
This is just about the only time we say NO at Solitary Islands Village!
No one likes fees, including us. So all villas can be purchased with NO stamp duty, council rates or taxes.