While we do offer an outstanding list of included amenities there are some services that we can’t offer for free. But we can make them easy for you to take advantage of and use. Below is a list of our paid services. Use them when you need them. Health care services The Village can arrange for medical and Allied Health Services to have access to your home if the need arises. In addition, health care professionals will make regularly scheduled visits to the Village for anyone with special needs. The Village shuttle can transport you to any doctor visit or hospital at no charge. Meal Plans The Village offers meal plans for Village residents. Beauty Services SIV will coordinate with local hairdressers, barbers, and cosmeticians to bring hair and body grooming services to the Village. Naturally you can take the free shuttle into town to see your favorite stylist, or you can have one of the visiting stylists take care of your needs right in the Village. It is a Village policy to encourage residents to actively participate in the provision of the services that are available in the Village! House Cleaning House cleaning services can be arranged from full service house cleaning down to more a la carte cleaning services if you only have trouble doing one or two chores. Housework Housework services can be arranged upon request.